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We are a multidisciplinary research laboratory at the National Technical Univeristy of Athens composed of engineers, biologists and physicians working in the area of SYSTEMS BIOLOGY and BIOENGINEERING. We apply novel biological and engineering approaches for modeling biological systems, medical devices for proteomic profiling, and assay automation with applications in drug discovery and medical devices.

Areas of Research

1. Modeling Biological Systems

We combine computational/engineering techniques with high-throughput experimental data to model the behaviour of cellular systems, the progression of diseases, and the effect of drugs.

2. Medical Devices

We design and build custom devices. The main areas of research are: (i) Proteomic platforms and Point of Care Systems and (ii) Device for real-time monitoring the mechanical properties of cartilage and tissue-engineering constructs.

3. Biomechanics

We employ biomechanics for monitoring tissue mechanical properties in-vitro and real time. Our focus is particulartly on cartilage degeneration using a combination of systems biology and biomechanical approaches.