In 3D culture systems cells are grown inside biomaterials that provide cells an analog of the extracellular matrix.
Compared to established 2D cell culture in plastic dish, 3D culture offers the ability to investigate the effects of more biophysical and biochemical factors in a more realistic environment.
However, working with cells inside biomaterials is more complex comparing to traditional culture.

The purpose of this diploma thesis is to provide tools and protocols that promote the biological and biomedical research related to cells cultured inside porous collagen scaffolds.
In particular, protocols for cell culture inside porous collagen scaffolds, cell recovery, lysis and stimulation are developed and optimized.
The results derived from this thesis will improve and facilitate the study of cells inside porous collagen scaffolds through high-throughput proteomic experiments.
This work will also provide the necessary protocols for any biological study (cell biology, systems biology, drug discovery) related to 3D environments.

Link to the diploma thesis (Greek text) here