Dimitris is a PhD student at the Systems Bioengineering Group since Feb 2013.
Prior to that, he has been a Research Assistant at the Systems Bioengineering Group for more than two years (2009-2011), while studying Mechanical Engineering at NTUA. Upon graduating, he was a founding member of ProtATonce Ltd, a biotechnology startup.
He has received the Best Poster First Prize award at the Luminex Planet xMAP Multiplexing Congress, the second prize award at the NTUA Innovative Design Competition of 2011 and the Thomaidio award by NTUA for scientific publication as an undergraduate student.
His research interests are Multi-Omics, Personalized Medicine and Assay Development.
LinkedIn profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/dimessinis

Research Projects

Near Cell ELISA
We are trying to explore what happens at the proteomic level near the cells.
The idea and preliminary results of this project were awarded with the second prize at the NTUA Innovative Design Competition of 2011.
You can click on the following poster to download it.
innovative design poster corrected.png

Multi-Omics for Osteoarthritis
We are trying to build multi-level multi-omics datasets that can provide us with a systematic view of Osteoarthritis.