Leonidas Alexopoulos, PhD
Group Leader


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Leonidas is assistant professor in the dept of Mechanical Eng at NTUA and director of the Systems Bioenginering group. He has studied at Aristotle University of Athens (Diploma from the Dept of Mech Eng in 1998), Duke (PhD from Dept of Biomedical Eng in 2004), MIT (postdoc, dept of Biological Eng 2004-2008), and Harvard Medical School (postdoc, Dept of Systems Biology 2006-2008). The Systems Bioengineering group is a multidisciplinary team composed of engineers (mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers), computer scientists, biologists and physicians working in the area of Systems Biology and Medical Devices. The Systems Bioengineering group integrates novel biological and engineering approaches for with emphasis on modeling biological systems, assay automation, multiplex devices, and proteomic profiling.

Dimitrios S. Tzeranis, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
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Dimitris is a Senior Research Engineer in the department of Mechanical Engineering at NTUA. He holds the Dipl. Ing. in mechanical engineering from NTUA (2003), and the S.M. and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT (2005, 2013). His undergraduate and S.M. studies focused on engineering design, robotics, and system dynamics. His Ph.D. work focused on quantifying biomaterials and cell-biomaterial interactions for regenerative medicine using multi-photon imaging. His research integrates biology, materials and engineering in order to design novel biomaterials and provide quantitative mechanistic modelling of cell-biomaterial interactions.

PhD Students

Dimitris Messinis.jpg
Dimitris Messinis
Dimitris is a PhD student at the Systems Bioengineering Group since Feb 2013.
Prior to that, he has been a Research Assistant at the Systems Bioengineering Group for more than two years (2009-2011), while studying Mechanical Engineering at NTUA. Upon graduating, he was a founding member of ProtATonce Ltd, a biotechnology startup.
He has received the Best Poster First Prize award at the Luminex Planet xMAP Multiplexing Congress, the second prize award at the NTUA Innovative Design Competition of 2011 and the Thomaidio award by NTUA for scientific publication as an undergraduate student.
His research interests are Multi-Omics, Personalized Medicine and Assay Development.
Theodore Sakellaropoulos
Theodore, is a mechanical engineer specializing in computational analysis. Especialy in data analysis and interpretation along with pathway construction. Currently a Phd candidate in the field of Systems Biology.
George Kanakaris
George is a mechanical engineer specializing in mechanical design and biotechnology instrument development. His research interests are high throughput proteomic measurement platforms and Point of Care systems for in vitro diagnostics. He is currently a Phd candidate in the field of proteomic measurement techologies.
MSc Students

Orfeas Aidonopoulos


O.A. is a Computer Engineer with speciality in Bioinformatics. He received his diploma from Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of Faculty of Engineering, University of Patras, Greece. His final thesis named "Data Mining from Tissue Micro-array Data" was a milestone in his next "academic steps". Now, he is a MSc candidate in Bioinformatics of the Post-graduated program named Information Technologies in Medicine and Biology (http://itmb.di.uoa.gr/indexEng.html) and he works for his MSc Thesis in Systems Bioengineering group of NTUA.
Ilona Binenbaum
Ilona received her BSc in Biology from the University of Patras. She is currently working on her MSc thesis at the Systems Bioengineering group of NTUA. Her interests include the integration of omics data using experimental and computational approaches.
Tasos Vafeidis is a Civil Engineer with speciality in Computational Mechanics. He received his diploma from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is currently a MSc candidate of the post-graduate program: Computational Mechanics and he is working for his MSC thesis at the systems Bioengineering group of NTUA. His research interests are data analysis and interpretation, pathway construction and biomechanics.
Katerina Skorda
Katerina Skorda received her diploma in Biology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Her diploma thesis "Novel Immunodiagnostic Techniques" was carried out at the laboratory of Molecular Biology and Immunobiotechnology of Hellenic Pasteur Institute. She has currently started working on her MSc thesis at the Systems Bioengineering group of NTUA. Her interest focuses on understanding and studying the effects caused by short and long term drug incubation on specific cell lines.
Angeliki Minia
Angeliki Minia is a biologist. She received her Diploma from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. Her diploma thesis named "Study of the poleadenylation factor CPSF, superoxide dismutase SOD and protein kinase CK2 of the insect Ceratitis capitata" was carried out at the Department of Genetics & Biotechnology, Faculty of Biology. She is currently a MSc candidate of the post-graduate program: Applications of Biology in Medicine and she is working for her MSc thesis at the Systems Bioengineering group of NTUA. She is interested in studying about mechanotransduction in chondrocytes.

Research Scientists

Nikos Fatsis Kavalopoulos
Nikos is a Mechanical Engineer with a specialization in mechanical design and BioEngineering .A Graduate of the National Technical University of Athens, school of mechanical Engineering. His work in the lab has to do with the design and fabrication of BIOMEMS and uTAS', aiming at the automation and improvement of biochemical and biological assays.

Diploma Thesis Students

Alexander Polesiouk

Alexander is an undergraduate student working on The Automation of ELISA.Generally his work envelops operating, scripting and service of the Tecanevo150 which is stationed in our lab in NTUA. Additionally he designs,develops and programs automated devices with the ability to be integrated with the Tecan evo. He is skilled with software as SolidWorks and has programming background in java and C#. He possesses a big variety of IT skills which include software and hardware setup in multiple OS environments.
Ioanna Preza
Ioanna is an undergraduate student in the school of Mechanical Engineering with in specialization in Mechanical Design and Automation. She is currently working on her diploma thesis, about the fabrication of a Device Suitable for Cell Culture in 3d Collagen Scaffolds in order to conduct multiple experiments in an automated way.
Marina Ioannou
Marina is an undergraduate student in the school of Electrical an Computer Engineering with a specialization in Biomedical Engineering. She is currently working on her diploma thesis, a study on the effects of different collagen scaffolds in the growth rate of fibroblast cells.
Gratsia Emmanuela
Emmanuela is an undergraduate student in the school of Chemical Engineering with specialization in Process Engineering. She is currently working on her diploma thesis ''Matrix Induced Alterations of Signaling Networks in Chondrocytes''.
Antonis is an undergraduate student in the school of Mechanical Engineering.
He is currently working on his diploma thesis, "design and manufacture of a XY motorised stage", which lead to the automatisation of the microscopy.
Ilias is an undergraduate student in the school of Mechanical Engineering.
His current project is the construction of a device for simultaneous compression measurements of human cartilage.
Dimitris Papadopoulos
Dimitris is an undergraduate student of Mechanical Engineering department. His diploma thesis is about developing a method to capture near-cell secreted proteins.
Panagiotis Zouboulis
Panagiotis is an undergraduate student in the school of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Mechanical Design. His diploma thesis consists of the design and construction of an automated micro-pipetting platform compatible with a single 384 well plate.

Undergraduate Students


Ioannis N. Melas
Ioannis Pappas
Elisavet Chatzopoulou
Stamatina Stamelaki
Danai Kirli
Vangelis Zymbeloudis
Maria Michalopoulou
Marina Botonaki
Terry Tounta
Theoni Katopodi
Vassilis Stavrakas


We are also gratefull to many other past and present collaborators that have provided invaluable help in our research as well as past and present advisors.
  • Alexander Mitsos (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
  • Julio Saez-Rodriguez (Harvard Medical School - Boston, MA, USA)
  • Christoforos Provatidis (National Technical University of Athens ard Medical School - Boston, MA, USA)
  • Zoe Dailiana (University of Thessaly, Greece)
  • Panagoula Kollia (University of Athens, Greece)
  • Steffen Klamt (Max Planck Institute, Germany)
  • Chris Espelin (Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Boston, USA)
  • Jim Xu (Merck Co., Inc., USA)
  • David De Graaf (Bohringer-Ingelheim, NY, USA)
  • Farshid Guilak, Lori Setton, Robert Hochmuth, and Mansoor Haider (Duke Univ., NC, USA)
  • Doug Lauffenburger (MIT, MA, USA)
  • Peter Sorger (Harvard Medical School, MA, USA)