Our scope is to integrate different disciplines to advance research in biology and biotechnology.
Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for performing various tasks.


A complete range of instrumentation for prototyping electronics boards is available in our lab, including a Weller WXD2 soldering/desoldering station, Agilent DSO3202A digital oscilloscope, high power TTi power suplies, Tektronix DMM4020 digital multimeter, National Instruments LabView USB DAQ cards and a LPKF S63 prototyping CNC router.

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Metal & synthetic material processing

Two NC lathes, one NC mill, and one CNC HAAS miniMill machining center are available, along with multiple hand and power tools. Sheet metal forming machinery is available as well as equipment for molding (two component resin molds and injection molding). Finally, a new, high quality 3D printer will be available soon, further increasing our production capabilities.


Molecular Biology

Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for performing cell and tissue culture (BL2), High throughput protein measurements with our Luminex 200 platform, histology with microtome and cryotome, high power Olympus microscopes, and automation procedures with our Tecan Freedom Evo robot system.

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We have created a clean room with chemical hood for development of bioMEMS. UV alignment unit, spinner, muffle furnace, embossing press, plasma etcher, and various micro-fluids kits from Labsmith are available to the members of our lab.



Biomechanical testing is available in our facilities with state of the art equipment featuring a Bose electroforse press and a 24 simultaneous specimen creep test device.