Biological sample analysis is a scientific discipline that has developed rapidly over the last decade. Measuring bio-markers, diagnosing and disease monitoring are only some of the applications of this industry. Therefore, it is necessary for consumers to have fast, easy and affordable access to systems capable of analyzing samples. So far, the complexity of biological protocols limits the number of applications and as a result, there are only a few commercial products available (e.g. sugar measurement) for point of care use. In most cases one has to visit a diagnostic center/microbiological lab in order to be provided with such services, but the scientific community is interested in changing that. The aforementioned sample analysis requires reproducible and effective management of small volumes of fluids and therefore the development of micro-valves.

In this thesis, we describe the design and construction process of an experimental device for micro-valves. More specifically, this paper focuses on micro-valves for Centrifugal Microfluidic Systems.

Furthermore, a novel type of valve was manufactured and tested. This is a hybrid filter/valve able to stop the fluid flow until pressure reaches a certain level as well as regulating the flow when it opens. The robust operation of such a valve can significantly simplify the operations of a Diagnostic/Measuring System.

Finally, we present and analyse the experimental results of this type of micro-valve in the setup we manufactured.